Use Cases of Social Media Integrations

Integrating external identity providers with social media sites for login profile access. Social media integration of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Chatter, YouTube social media apps with products using their APIs. For example:

Ad Insights, Business Manager, Targeting, Ads Management. Users, Groups, Events, Friends, Likes, Shares, Views, Comments.

People, Companies, Groups, Jobs, Click, Like, Followers, Similar pages.

Advertising, Analytics. Users, Relationships, Followers, Friends, Tweets, retweets, search, trend by place.

Users, Followers, Posts, Comments, Groups.

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Reasons to Use Social Media Integrations

Look no further as we are here to provide you with the best social media integration services with proficient experts who work tirelessly to meet your objectives.


Social Sharing Buttons

The integration professionals from Mayd Technologies can help to integrate the social sharing buttons to your website. Users can utilize them to share anything- products, videos, pictures to their contacts on different social media platforms.


Fan Page Integration

Businesses get a direct opportunity to engage with audience directly to be visible on various social media platforms via a professional page. Mayd Technologies, thus, helps you to integrate a well-designed page to harness this potential for online branding.


Analytics and Reports

Through our efficient social media integration, we get actionable insights from your guests. A simple dashboard enables you to track different metrics, such as customer engagement, total reach, views. Utilizing this data, you can optimize your marketing strategy. This also allows you to access responses, comments and customer feedback from all channels in one location.


Enhance User-Friendliness

Social media integration helps the audience to log in, subscribe, or interact with your business simply by using their social media credentials. This enhances user-friendliness and thus, growth of a website or business.


Boost Exposure and Visits/Downloads

People spend hours on social media sites. Our experts connect the social media platforms to your website or app so that the viewers have easier accessibility to your link. A viewer’s friend might share your website or app content and that can give it exposure. By marketing captivating content, you can boost visits or downloads.


Popularity and Virality

Social media facilitates communication between millions of users making an application or website potentially viral. If a user picks up something interesting, it can resonate with other social media users and go viral! Consequently, a app or website can achieve popularity here.

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