Binary MLM software typically includes features such as:

The software allows the administrator to manage the user database, including new user registration, user profile management, and user login authentication.

The software allows the administrator to configure the binary compensation plan, including commission percentages, payout structures, and other parameters.

The software provides a graphical representation of the distributor's binary tree, allowing the distributor to easily track the progress of their downline members.

The software tracks sales volume generated by each distributor and generates reports that can be used for commission calculations.

The software integrates with payment gateways to facilitate commission payouts to distributors.

Overall, binary MLM software helps MLM companies to manage their sales and commission payouts efficiently and effectively. However, it is important to note that MLM companies have a reputation for being controversial due to their structure, and regulatory issues may arise. It is essential to carefully consider the legality and ethics of any MLM business before investing time and resources in developing software for it.

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